Member Meet Up with Really Helpful Club

In every business the impetus to reach potential clients has never been stronger. Yet many network groups come with attendant rules and restrictions that make it about them, rather than the function they purport to serve.

The Networking Club serves as an antidote to this. Businesses are there openly to mix, to learn, to share and to generate revenue opportunities for one another in a supportive community environment. We've partnered with Really Helpful Club to connect their current members with each other and the wider business community.

Join us on the second Thursday of every month at 10:30 am and grow your network across Surrey, West Sussex, Hampshire & the surrounding areas.

Can anyone from my business join?

Yes, anyone from your business can join. Why not take advantage of our company membership?

Can I bring a guest to your network meetings, seminars and training events?

Yes, you can purchase a guest ticket to bring a guest with you to our network meetings, seminars and training events.

Can you introduce me to specific business people of my choosing?

Yes, we can facilitate introductions to like-minded business people of your choosing, through The Networking Club and externally.