Speed Networking

Pushed for time but still want to network?  The Networking Club’s speed networking events are perfect for you.  

We’ve all got busy schedules; we get that… we believe that just because you don’t have two hours to spare to sit down with like-minded professionals and thought leaders, you don’t have to lose out on the benefits of networking.   

We want every business person to have the opportunity to take advantage of the huge benefits to networking, no matter how much time they have or haven’t got.

Speed networking still allows you to engage, connect and collaborate with peers, sharing ideas and information, inspiring the next generation, but just in half the time of our regular networking events.  

Why should you miss out just because you have a busy work schedule?  Now you can network to grow your business and still meet your deadlines with speed networking at The Networking Club.

Sign up today and join The Networking Club to start your networking journey.  Got a colleague that would like to be involved, too?  No problem.  Take advantage of our company membership and anyone in your business can attend our speed networking meetings, seminars and training events.

Can anyone from my business join?

Yes, anyone from your business can join. Why not take advantage of our company membership?

Can I bring a guest to your network meetings, seminars and training events?

Yes, you can purchase a guest ticket to bring a guest with you to our network meetings, seminars and training events.

Can you introduce me to specific business people of my choosing?

Yes, we can facilitate introductions to like-minded business people of your choosing, through The Networking Club and externally.