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The stronger and more diverse your network; the wider your professional reach; the greater your brand awareness; the more expansive your business community.

At The Networking Club, we give you the opportunity to build your professional network that can be as diverse and as engaging as you want it to be. Our networking events truly do give you the ultimate business hub to engage, connect, collaborate and share ideas with your peers.

Sit down with like-minded professionals and thought-leaders in a wide, diverse range of industries on a regular basis and watch new and interesting doors open up for you, and your business.


Networking that really works - in just 60 minutes, you could double – even treble – your business network! Jump in to one of our upcoming networking events and start your business networking journey.
Not a member yet? Start and inspire your business journey to drive success and join The Networking Club today.

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"Networking over 2020 evolved due to the National Lockdown, but to me it always felt as if something was missing before this too. The Networking Club hit the nail on its head for me, putting training and support before networking. Most weeks as a business owner a new challenge crops up and having a series of events that may address some of the challenges is exactly what I'm after. Plus having a new base of potential suppliers, partners and clients spread across the UK can't be a baD thing!"


"I was drawn to The Networking Club because it is a business support community offering so much more than just networking. As we know, people buy from people and TNC enables you to build authentic connections with those you know, like and trust, as well as the opportunity to support and learn from each other in order to grow our respective businesses. I like the flexibility and find the workshops and seminars invaluable along with the networking."


"I joined The Networking Club as it offers so much more than networking and is defined by so much more value to someone in, or running a business, than the mere prospect of leads. Support and the social aspects, interacting with like minds, relevant training and advice, these are things which are just as important and The Networking Club offers all this by design."